One day, when our hair has greyed and our smile lines deepened, I imagine we will look back on the memories we have collected over the years, some in print, some not… and we will treasure not the best take out of 10, but the REAL moments. The candid, in-between stuff that happens when no one cares if the 1-year-old is looking right at the camera and smiling. I will strive to look and act as ridiculous as possible… if that’s what it takes to get your kids to laugh and relax a little bit. Someone’s got to do it, and let’s face it – after getting the whole crew ready for that portrait, you will be glad it’s on me. 🙂

I am an on location, natural light photographer in Rockville, MD. I use available light whenever possible with the exception of my flash. Sessions are held at the location of your choice. I can meet you at your home, a favorite spot, or park. Most sessions last an hour, but can take longer if necessary.

If you live outside of Montgomery County, a $25 travel will be added to the cost of your session.

I have kids of my own. I know that taking pictures can be stressful when kids want to be done after the first 5 minutes. I have a relaxed, non-structured approach where I allow for time for kids to be kids. And frankly, it’s often only after the kids have gotten tired of giving me their best practiced “cheese” smiles that their real personalities begin to emerge. I will take my time to get to know your family so that your children will be comfortable with me. My goal is to make each session unique and fun so you will have photos of your family/children that you always cherish.

2017 pricing information: Prices are effictive through December 31, 2017